Get where you want to go and take advantage of all the benefits of two-wheels.

Find out what you can ride*

Your age, along with a car driving licence that you may already hold, will determine what you can ride, and what you need to gain before riding on the road.

How old are you?
Step 1
16 years old
Step 2
You need a provisional license
You can ride 50cc 4kw moped

You'll need to apply for your provisional licence and complete CBT training before you can ride. You must display L-plates and cannot carry a passenger.

Do you have a car licence?
Step 1
17+ years old
Step 2
You need a provisional license
You can ride up to 125cc / 11kw

As you don't have a car licence, you'll need to apply for your provisional licence and complete CBT training before you can ride. L-plates needed. No passengers.

Car licence issue date?
You can ride up to 125cc / 11kw

You can ride a moped without a CBT & without any further licence. You’ll need to complete CBT to ride anything bigger than a 50cc 4kw moped. L-plates needed. No passengers.

You can ride up to 125cc / 11kw

You need to take CBT training to ride a moped, scooter or motorcycle.

CBT training

Getting on a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc is probably easier than you think.

If you have a full car licence issued before Feb 2001 then you can already take to the road on a moped.

If you passed your test after that date, then you will need to do your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). A moped is a 2 wheeled vehicle of up to 50cc (or 4 Kw) which is capable of no more than28mph. If you are 16 years old then you need a provisional moped licence.

The 125cc / Up to 11kw option

If you want something more suited as an everyday transport solution and you are 17 or older with a provisional licence, then why not look at a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc / 11kw.

There’s a lot of choice in this sector, you’ll find some good links to the manufacturers sites at the bottom of the page. You can ride a motorcycle (geared) or scooter (automatic) once you have completed CBT and on L plates.   You are not permitted to carry a passenger (pillion) whilst riding on L Plates,

Over 125cc / Over 11kw

For a bigger motorcycle or scooter, combustion engine or electric, you will need to take a test to get a full licence.

You will find here details of what licence you need and what you can ride. Right now, unless you are a key worker you may find it hard to get a test as availability has been severely affected by the Coronavirus lockdown. Your local training school can help and advise you about getting on a bigger motorcycle or scooter.


Most people will need to complete CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course to start with.

Whether you choose a moped, an automatic scooter or a geared motorcycle, this course gives you all the basics you'll need to take to the road. At 16 you will be riding a 50cc moped and if you're 17 years old or above, it’s up to 125cc / 11kw. The course can often take as little as a day to complete. You will start riding on a safe off road area and you'll finish up by getting at least two hours tuition on the road.

Ready to Ride on the Road

To ride on the road, you’ll need the correct licence, CBT, road tax, valid insurance and a helmet.

However, it is always advisable that you get yourself a decent protective jacket, quality motorcycle gloves and sturdy footwear. Your local training school or motorcycle dealer will help you make the right choices, always look for the CE approval label on the clothing you buy.

"Motorcycles are the perfect choice right now. You're isolated, it's quick and cheap and there's no parking issues when you get there!"
Leona Graham - Absolute Radio Presenter

Find your local training school

You may need to complete a CBT, a quick process to give you the skills to be confident on two-wheels.

Find Training School

Keep Moving

Keep moving when other forms of transport let you down.  Make your commute on a motorcycle or scooter in your own time, saving time. 


Really affordable ownership

Motorcycles and scooters are affordable - with the cost of daily ownership starting from less than a cup of coffee!


Travel from 1 pence per mile

Incredible fuel economy - there's a number of fuelled and electric options available, price per mile is minimal.


Protective Clothing

A helmet is compulsory - protective motorcycle jacket, gloves & footwear advisable. Look for the CE approval label.

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Now you’ve found your nearest training centre, why not look at the type of bikes you’d like to ride?


Clothing and Protection



Helpful advice for beginners from the experienced

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